Onwards, ever onwards. Motivation vs Rest.

The great ‘To Do’ list looms over me at the moment.

I’ve got loads on, I must take photos this weekend of my work and submit an application for a show that I’ve been invited to take part in, (times two! – very exciting to be offered so many shows!) I’ve got to finishing cutting a plate I started weeks ago (it’s complex and I’ve been putting it off) Imageplus reading, assignment writing, practising my piano and getting my head around a few things. I also want to do some walking and some cycling. I love walking or cycling in the countryside, I adore the different landscapes that are available to us. 

Looking at the landscape at two different paces like that really excites me. I see it in different ways. Driving through a landscape is okay, but it disconnects us from it. We aren’t in it, we’re beside it. If you’re not outside feeling the wind, (the rain…) the air temperature, tasting the air, hearing the birds and the rattling of the branches of trees then you cannot take it all in. You can’t connect with it. Having the ground beneath feet or the wind blasting across your cheeks as well as the sights (and sounds!) of the landscape brings us back to the roots of our being. There is something connective and utterly freeing about it, being in all that space. 

I’ve been reading Field Notes from a Hidden City of late. Esther Woolfson’s latest nature based tome. It was her book Corvus, which basically inspired my entire body of work that I made for my M.A. She seems to neatly and cleverly describe all my thinking about birds specifically and currently I have at least 10 references marked this this book and I’m only 1/4 of my way through it. I’m reading it slowly, trying to concentrate and take it all in. Reading for research is very different to reading for leisure. It is for me anyway, when I read for leisure I take what I want from a text. When i’m reading for research, I take it all in (or as much of it as I can!) and try to analyse what is important and what supports and agues against any concept that I’m trying to develop or support. 

I’ve filled up the feeders, filled up myself. Now time to get off the sofa writing about it and actually do it. Let’s hope the resulting drawings and photographs lead me down another exciting snicket of nature, art and space. 

Please feed the birds and enjoy your bank holiday. 



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