Bucks Open Studios – 8 June – 23 June

I love the saying ‘If you want something done, give it to a busy person.’ Today I have luxuriated in the fact that I have had to stay in one place, that is not my work desk, all day and even better than that – had to do some art work! I have and continue to be very busy of late.

Currently, I have an exhibition up at Bucks Open Studios at St Tiggywinkle’s Wildlife Hospital Trust which is one of my biggest shows in years. I’ve not had the time, or indeed confidence in my work in recent years to exhibit, and while I haven’t sold much yet (but I have sold some!) this has been hugely important to me, personally. It’s a milestone in terms of my practice and standing on my own two feet as a practicing artist.

If any of you are local, and able to come and see, I am doing a demonstration of monoprinting at Tiggys over this weekend starting at 11:30am each day and hopefully printing until at least 2pm each day (with some breaks!). It would be great to see some of you there if you’re able to come – you can get directions here.

Here are a couple of phone snaps, with more to come of my own and my fellow artist’s work!



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