Thank you, and now, for something completely different.

Well, that’s the end of my first large group show in a good long time. Bucks Open Studios is over for this year and what a great exhibition it has been.

I’ve had some excellent feedback from some lovely people, many artists and makers themselves as well as that, I’m able to call it a success as I did manage to sell quite a few pieces. Which as anyone out there, who is attempting to sell their own work or craft will know is a huge compliment and affirmation of what you do and what you think that it is worth.

This leaves me with a wonderful dilemma however, as most of the work that I felt I was able to sell and show to people is now gone! I have to make more! Thankfully, I have two weeks booked in the staff studio at work this week and next and so after hours and in the little spare time I have available, alongside my last remaining post grad assignment I will be making more, new work. Foraying into the stack of new ideas that I have lined up for ‘when I have time’.

So, for my next group show, I make this public commitment, that all of the work will be from my new collections/series and direction. Expect to see more of my beloved family of Rooks, more slighly ominous yet protective Ravens and perhaps some Red Kites, or Jackdaws, or even Jays.

In light of this statement, I’m now also making a commitment to sell off all of my old work, to make space for new! So please see my gallery for new pictures and added prices. Knock down prices! Roll up Roll up!

This is also my opportunity to give a huge public thanks to Stewart Clough who tirelessly organised the show for us at St Tiggywinkles and pleasingly had some sucess himself as part of the show. I am very grateful to him and the staff at Tiggys for their work and tireless efforts to look after us and accommodate us all.

And thank you to you, you wonderful people, for all your endless support. It means the world, it really does.

Please feed the birds.



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