One blog, One month, Two Shows

This week and the coming weekend are manically busy. I need to compartmentalise my brain to be able to deal with it all. Piano lessons, assignment writing, presentation giving (and writing -argh!) learning set meetings, quarterly reports, teaching, hanging work, a higher education fair, a private view and a wedding in Wales. I’ve still got to find some time to finish the greetings cards I’m making for the up-coming show and frame one more piece of work. So of course, this is the perfect week to start writing my new Artist blog. Procrastinator, moi?

As I haven’t shown properly in three years and it’s all a bit of a whirlwind, but I’m enjoying it and determined to make the most of it.  Currently I have work up in the staff show in the School of Arts at Oxford Brookes, they’re large scale drawings in charcoal.Image They’re really visual investigations into interrupting the large scale of the paper, but the use of a feather has so many connotations. I won’t go into it now, I haven’t got the reference material to hand and if I’m going to start banging on about indexical marks then I should be giving credit to the journals/papers/books that I’ve read on it. 

The second show I’ve got coming up is a different beast entirely, I’ll be showing some work at the British Wildlife Art Show at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Trust. This work is from The Book of Birds which was one of the pieces that I made for my M.A. in Fine Art Printmaking at Winchester School of Art. Which for any one who knows me or met me then recognises that this piece of work means a lot to me personally. Anyone who has done an M.A. (or MSc) knows that studying at this level can put you through the wringer a bit. The works that I’m showing are loose leaves from the book. I have finally recognised that in their own right, the pages are fairly interesting pieces of work. I will take pictures on Friday and post them, it’s the first time I have ever framed any work. Which for a printmaker is a rather strange thing… Someone else is hanging the work for me though, result! 

I’m posting some pictures of my newest work here too, these really are sketches and developmental drawings (I’ll go into my own personal definition of drawing at some point too!) so I’d appreciate some critical feedback from anyone who has any. ImageImageImageImage

I think for now, that’ll do. 

Please feed the birds.