As busy as the birds.

Everybody’s busy at the moment, and I’m not talking just about human life. The birds have thrown themselves into the busiest time of the year; building nests, finding a mate, raising a family, collecting and eating copius amounts of food to keep this frenetic pace going. It’s extraordinary. As predicted, Spring seems to have raced to finally meet us after getting the battery replaced in his watch. Last week, I saw Barn Swallows (Hirondelle) for the first time this year, I yelped with joy.

I too am very busy, since I started this blog and galvanised myself I have gained confidence. Both the positive feedback I’ve had on my blog and my facebook page has really overwhelmed me, so thank you!

I’ve sold work, I’ve been comissioned, I’ve been approached by a gallery and have drummed up the courage to apply for proposals. Something that I wouldn’t have ‘found time’ (a.k.a. courage) for six months ago. I’m cock-a-hoop to say the least.

This week has been a very busy one; my last week of teaching for this academic year, I’ve been printing a comission in my spare time and getting ready for a group show called ‘Art on the Hill’ that I took part in this year.

I put in some framed pieces from The Book of Birds and also these prints here:


As it’s a new show to me, and I wasn’t sure what sort of work they would like I do think I took the safer option, but still I do like these prints and I hope that people have at least enjoyed looking at them. I’m yet to find out if I have sold anything or not. I guess we will find out shortly as I’ve got to go and pick up the work today. STOP PRESS : I just returned from my collection with three framed works and an empty print browser! All the rooks sold!

I’m putting in a proposal today also for a wall in a hospital to be hung with a permanent collection of my work. I’d love to do it, livening up these spaces is something that is near to my heart, hospitals can be such sublime places from an emotional perspective. We deal with birth, life and death within those walls. It would be great to bring something positive to that envrionment.

I’ve also made some more of my Raven’s wings work, so check out my gallery for updated work!



Please feed the birds.