About the artist

My work has had various themes over the years based around ideas of interrupted space intertwined with personal experiences, the sublime and anthropomorphic associations with animals. Using primarily drawing and printmaking as mediums, while studying for my M.A. I developed a method of working that allowed the introduction of the temporary into my printmaking. I printed on scraps of paper, loose pages and rolls of thin, lightweight lining paper. Which reflected both the weightlessness of the birds that featured on the paper and also the driving force of ‘flight’ that I felt within myself. The work took on the look of something temporary and unfixed from a domestic point of view to demonstrate the face that the place was a temporary home for me, a migration point in my journey but not a final destination to settle.

The deeper themes that I continually return to within my work are that of the sublime; the sky, the vastness of nature and using birds as an indexical scale that allows us to at least recognise the largeness and dominating nature of space and the sky.

This work with birds, led me to develop a fascination with Corvids and human relationships with these birds. My latest work is developing ideas of anthropomorphic associations with Corvids (Ravens, Crows, Rooks, Jackdaws etc.) and developing two different aesthetics, which can communicate both basic human responses to Corvids. Some people dislike or even fear Corvids because of their historical associations with darkness and evil (all human constructs) but some people like or want to protect Corvids because of these associations and the resulting isolation or victimisation of these birds. In short, some of us fear the Corvid, whilst others feel they are like the Corvid and are misunderstood (anthropomorphic association).

I have been printmaking since 2003, have a B.A in Fine Art from Southampton Solent University and an M.A. in Fine Art Printmaking from Winchester School of Art. I works in the School of Arts at Oxford Brookes University and am also a freelance artist and tutor.

Welcome to my site.  Thank you so much for visiting me, I love to have contact with new people so please get in touch if there is anything you want to talk about regarding this blog, or about Art and Nature in general.

I also have a facebook page: Martha Cadle – Artist and I sell some of my work through Folksy (a British version of Etsy) but you can contact me for commissions or specific work through the contact page on this site too.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have site or blog too.

Please feed the birds.

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